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There shall be a students’ organisation of the College which shall be known as Musoma Utalii College Students’ Organisation(MUCSO) as may be agreed upon its members of which all Students are automatically members by registration and approved by the College Governing Board and published in the College Prospectus.The MUCSO functions are under the mentorship of the office of the Dean of Students.The organisation contributes in decision making on matters that affects Students’ welfare,social activities,sports,gView Structureames and entertainment.


Students are accomodated in hostels at the college Campus;however students are free to find their own accomodation off Campus.Students who are interested in the college accomodation should contact the college secretary who is responsible for arrangement of such accomodation.Students accomodated in the College hostels are required to pay accomodation fees at an approved rate as should be written in the admission form.

Since Tanzania is a secular state,therefore students have complete freedom of religious worships as long as it is intended to promote well-being of the Students and encourage positive religious values.

In the Campus the College has commercialized food providers.Students are required to pay for their meals or cook for themselves.The College has a specified building where by Students who wish to cook their own food are supposed to use and therefore students are NOT allowed to prepare meals in the College Hostels.

The College provides facilities and opportunities for a wide range of sports,games and recreations.These include an international size track field,soccer pitches and netball.Other activities include clubs,social activities,music festival,tours and cultural events to mention just a few.Students can therefore participate in athletics,soccer(football),basketball and netball.

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